Top 10 LinkedIn Hashtags Every Key Account Manager Should Follow Now

Here are 10 LinkedIn hashtags that will help you thrive as a key account manager. Follow them to meet like-minded people, learn industry trends, and find answers to your questions.

Top 10 LinkedIn Hashtags Every Key Account Manager Should Follow Now

What are LinkedIn hashtags?

Hashtags rose to fame on Twitter way back in 2007 as a way to contextualise, filter and explore content.

Social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube have all since embraced the humble hashtag.

LinkedIn was late to the party. In 2018, they launched hashtags to help you discover topics and engage with your network.

All hashtags start with a # sign, followed by a keyword or phrase. For example #Career.

Why should I use LinkedIn hashtags?

LinkedIn is a great place to

  • meet new people;
  • take part in thought-provoking conversations;
  • establish yourself as an expert;
  • and learn more about your profession and industry.

And just like any other social media platform, it can be a huge waste of time.

Searching or following hashtags on Linkedin helps users find relevant content. Which mean adding hashtags gets your content seen by more people. You can place them in posts, articles, and in your profile, like the heading and about sections.

LinkedIn recommend up to three hashtags and I recommend no more than five. Any more looks spammy (and desperate).

LinkedIn recently launched Creator Mode:

You can turn on creator mode on your profile to grow your reach and influence on LinkedIn. As a LinkedIn creator, you can share the topics (hashtags) you post about the most. This will make it easier for other LinkedIn members to discover your content and follow you.

How do I find hashtags to follow?

  • Find hashtags in your feed. Your LinkedIn feed is over-flowing with hashtag suggestions. If you see a hashtag in someone's post that interests you, click it and see what content comes up. Click the "Follow" button at the top of the results if you decide it's for you.
  • Discover more. Click the Discover more under Followed Hashtags on the left sidebar on your homepage. You'll see a list of popular hashtags as well as people and pages worth following.
  • Search bar. Enter the hashtag into the search bar at the top left of the page. For example #goalsetting. LinkedIn uses autocomplete so it's a great way to find hashtags you didn't know existed too.
Find LinkedIn hashtags in the search bar

Once you’ve followed a hashtag, manage it from your LinkedIn homepage.

To manage the hashtags you follow:

  1. Click Show more under Followed Hashtags on the left sidebar of your LinkedIn homepage.
  2. Click See all at the bottom of the list of hashtags.

To unfollow a hashtag, click Following below the hashtag you want to unfollow.

The symbol will change from a + to ✓

Following and unfollowing LinkedIn hashtags is easy

Top 10 LinkedIn hashtags for key account managers

  1. #b2b. (31,060 followers). Useful for emerging economic trends, forecasts and best practices on doing business in the corporate world. Topic will appeal to a broad range of clients and I often find great conversation starters that I can share with clients.
  2. #business (3,668,677 followers). Very broad range of topics, much of it on entrepreneurship and small business. I often find fascinating conferences and webinars in this hashtag that I would never have discovered otherwise.
  3. #salestips (11,465 followers). Key account managers sell and I've found a lot of practical advice on sales techniques, nurturing leads and closing deals in this hashtag.
  4. #customerrelations (8,627,799 followers). As a key account manager you need to balance service and sales. This hashtag has an enormous following. Which means you can really find some exciting ideas and advice on customer relationship management. It also means there's a lot of junk you may have to sift through as well. Toggle between the Top and Recent posts to find gold.
  5. #customersuccess (22,578 followers). We all want our customers to succeed don't we? This is a brilliant hashtag to follow for practical information on how to implement customers, grow their lifetime value and prevent churn.
  6. #keyaccountmanagement (1,192 followers). Yes it's a niche hashtag, but that means you get to the good stuff right away. Essential news and best practices to help key account managers build influential relationships, accelerate client revenue and retention.
  7. #leadership (3,159,618 followers). Leadership is more than a job title, it's a state of mind. Follow this hashtag for inspiration, motivation and education to lead your clients and yourself to better results, faster.
  8. #personalbranding (10,479,328 followers). You've got a resume, now it's time to build a reputation. Follow this LinkedIn hashtag for useful tips to establish industry and professional expertise. Personal branding is also a useful strategy to earn instant trust and credibility with your clients.
  9. #productivity (8,475,832 followers). If you're a key account manager, then you already know there are not enough hours in the day. Productivity isn't about doing more things it's about doing more of the right things. If you struggle with time management or just a productivity geek who is always looking for new ideas, this hashtag is for you.
  10. #sales (5,858,767 followers). Massively popular hashtag for a reason. Lots of outstanding content on anything and everything to do with sales and business development. Essential for any key account manager who wants to grow their accounts. And if you're looking for a new job, you'll also find a lot of hiring posts from recruiters

Bonus: Create your own hashtag

Instead of following, would you like to get followers instead?

Establish your professional brand by using a custom hashtag that reflects your mission. Make it easy for your network to find you and your content.

Hashtags are common on all social platforms. Claim a hashtag as your own and use it across your profiles.

It needs to be memorable, short and not already in use by someone else.

Check other social sites too. Don't settle on a hashtag that no-one is using on LinkedIn but dominated by an influencer on Instagram.

It doesn't matter if the hashtag is in some random posts, as long as the usage is low.

It could be a name, a slogan, or what you do.

My hashtag on LinkedIn (and everywhere else) is #amtips. It stands for Account Manager Tips and I use it on every platform, from LinkedIn to Reddit.

Final word

LinkedIn is THE B2B platform and a place key account managers spend a lot of their time. Following hashtags on LinkedIn helps you find quality content, stay up to date on news and trends and makes your life easier.

What's not to love?

(P.S. Come find me on LinkedIn and let's connect)

I am so into LinkedIn right now

Warwick Brown

Warwick Brown is one of the leading key account management experts in the world. Through The KAM Club, a global membership community for key account managers, his blog that reaches 20,000 people every month, and a range of training and coaching services, Warwick has helped thousands of key account managers get better results, faster.


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