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How Key Account Managers Can Overcome Internal Conflict

Key account managers need help from internal teams to get results for clients. But the path to cooperation is full of conflict. Find out why and what to do about it.

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How Key Account Managers Can Overcome Internal Conflict

Why is there so much internal conflict?

We aren’t here to compete. We are here to complete.

This is how I think about teamwork.

It's not me VS you.

It's me AND you.

Working together to create value for our clients and help our organization thrive.

Working together to reduce friction, make our jobs a little bit easier and get things done.

Working together to learn from each other, to support each other professionally and create an environment where we can each be our best.

So, why does it feel like a battle when we ask for help from another team? Don’t we all want what’s best for our customers?

Most of a key account manager’s role involves co-ordinating internal resources to get results for our clients.

But we’re all responsibility, no power.

Which means we need to manage a wide range of complex internal relationships.

But research has shown that key account managers constantly deal with some form of internal conflict.

Sometimes it’s short-term micro conflict right through to long term systemic conflict.

And instead of dealing with the problems, we become adept at avoiding them.

Like chameleons, we change our behaviour to ensure the best possible outcome and get our internal teams to work together effectively.

Whatever it takes to get a result, right?

We compete, avoid, accommodate, compromise and collaborate.

And sometimes the internal conflict is so great, it becomes dysfunctional.


  • Strategic clients are more demanding and it’s challenging to meet their high standards.
  • Key account management, customer success, sales alone can’t provide the level of support that clients need - it takes the whole organization.
  • Functional silos means teams work in isolation and potentially at cross-purposes.
  • Leadership power plays mean teams won’t “take orders” from account managers.
  • Key account manager as single point of contact creates bottle necks, delays and friction.
  • Development and investment is product focused not customer focused.
  • Matrix organizational structures means everyone shares authority but no-one takes responsibility.

Why aren't we doing more to prevent conflicts, given how common they are?

How do we begin?

How Key Account Managers Can Overcome Internal Conflict

How to improve the way teams work together

Here are some tips on how to take the lead to improve cross-functional collaboration.

Adapt your style

  • Be intentional about growing your internal networks and make time to deepen and strengthen those relationships.
  • Be transparent. Improve information sharing and knowledge transfer so everyone knows what’s going on.
  • Be reliable. Honour your promises and commitments to establish trust.
  • Compromise. Be flexible. Don’t say everything is “urgent”. Give reasonable deadlines and avoid creating custom workarounds to solve problems.
  • Be visible. Reach out to your internal stakeholders, make an effort to visit office locations, join team meetings and be available and helpful.

Create alignment

  • Educate other teams on account management roles and responsibilities so they understand what you do, and what you need to achieve.
  • Be a mentor. Invite colleagues out in the field or shadow virtual meetings so they can gain more exposure to clients and their needs.
  • Find executive sponsors. Get the leadership team on board with the key account management mission and get their help to advocate for you across the organization.
  • Understand others. Find out what your colleagues do, where you fit in the big picture and if there’s anything you can do to help make their life easier.
  • Identify conflicting goals. Find out what your colleagues are measured on and what their targets are. Are their any conflicting priorities that will make it difficult for you to get what you want?

Develop strategy

  • Create a join plan. Discuss your client’s goals and challenges with your internal teams and ask how they can contribute. Create an account plan and set mutual key performance indicators so that you work harmoniously toward shared outcomes.
  • Identify key accounts. Don’t just tell your internal stakeholders who your most important clients are, decide together. That way everyone is aligned on where resources and time should be spent.
  • Establish a shared purpose. It takes a village, people. Create a vision for you and your internal teams can work better together. Look for pain points and find ways to reduce or eliminate those.

Create systems

  • Use internal communication tools like Teams or Slack to share information quickly and easily.
  • Have regular meetings with your key internal stakeholders for two-way feedback.
  • Send short surveys to the wider organization to understand how well you’re working together and opportunities to improve.
  • Regularly review internal processes to understand how things are done and look for ways to reduce steps or eliminate.
  • Reduce reliance on the key account manager as the single point of contact by connecting subject matters in your client’s organization with your own.
How Key Account Managers Can Overcome Internal Conflict

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How Key Account Managers Can Overcome Internal Conflict

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How Key Account Managers Can Overcome Internal Conflict

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